BC Prior Learning Action Network is governed by the Board Committee and BC Societies Act. 

Purpose of the Board

The Board is tasked to oversee compliance with governance, financial and regulatory requirements of the Action Network. One of the primary goals of the Board is to advance the practice of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition in the province of British Columbia and continuously enhance the value proposition to its members. In addition, the Board also works towards increasing the Action Network’s presence by building relationships in a variety of industry sectors in the province. 

Board Membership

Directors are selected and voted in according to established by-laws of BC Prior Learning Action Network. 

The Board primarily operates through its two committees – Sustainability & Partnerships and Communications & Advocacy. 


Every two months with extra meetings as required.

Terms of Board 

Directors serve the Action Network during the term of one full year and can be re-elected at the Annual General Meeting following the end of the preceding term. 


Janet Morris-Reade is the Board Chair for 2020-2021 period. 

The Chair shall:

  • Call meetings of the committee

  • Chair meetings of the committee

  • Designate another committee member to chair the committee in the chair’s absence.

2020-2021 Tasks of the Board

  • Refer to board work plan.


The Board shall strive for consensus when making decisions.  If consensus cannot be achieved, the Board members must agree on how to deal with the outstanding issue, i.e. vote, continue discussion, table the issue to another meeting.

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