Daryle Nagata talks about ITA's Multiple Assessment Pathways

Posted in Success Stories

The Pan Pacific's Executive Chef, Daryle Nagata works as an assessor with the Multiple Assessment Pathways (MAP) project.

"In the restaurant industry, working under the old system of standardized written assessments, we had known for some time that the certification system wasn't fully meeting the needs…

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ITA and CCDA Strengthen the Red Seal

Posted in Innovative Practices & Partnerships

The Industry Training Authority (ITA) is involved with the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) in an exciting project called "Strengthening the Red Seal."

This is a Pan Canadian effort to develop a method for documenting occupational performance standards for skilled trades, which…

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ITA MAP Project

The Multiple Assessment Pathways (MAP) project is a three-phase research and development initiative of the Industry Training Authority to identify best practices in assessment and supporting standards frameworks to inform the design and piloting of alternative methodologies for assessing challengers seeking certification in a…

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