4.0 Serve Diverse Clients

4.0 – Serve Diverse Clients

4.1 – Demonstrate intercultural competence.
4.2 Support clients through an action plan to complete the PLAR process.
4.3 – Apply strategies to support clients to distinguish, reflect on, and articulate what they know and what they can do.
4.4 – Consult cultural experts, insiders and other resources to promote PLAR and to develop more cultural sensitivity when working with diverse clients or client groups.
4.5 – Consult experts on how to accommodate clients of different abilities.
4.6 – Link clients to appropriate resources including other clients currently in the PLAR process.
4.7 – Apply strategies to support clients to provide evidence of learning from education, work, and life experiences that demonstrates the relevant criteria.
4.8 – Advocate for clients and troubleshoot any systemic barriers with them.
4.9 – Liaise with other PLAR stakeholders in the process.
4.10 – Provide post-assessment guidance and opportunities to discuss results.