1.0 Apply PLAR Principles and Practices

1.0 – Apply PLAR Principles and Practices

1.1 – Interpret the definition, purposes, and values of PLAR in practice.
1.2 – Engage in reflective PLAR practices.
1.3 – Apply PLAR processes such as identifying and aligning relevant competencies, outcomes, indicators, and evidence.
1.4 – Demonstrate the applications of PLAR in different contexts and cases.
1.5 – Explain how PLAR impacts learning, education, and equity and contributes to change.
1.6 – Support clients to negotiate various pathways and stages in the PLAR process.
1.7 – Negotiate the various agents, agencies, roles, responsibilities, and networks of stakeholders involved in PLAR.
1.8 – Problem-solve challenges and issues in PLAR.